Top 10 Characteristics Of Life Focus Professionals

These Characteristics were developed while we were operating the Life Focus Foundation and Broeckx - Life Focus Facilitators in order to help both ourselves and clients. In each case we used them to learn a new perspective from which to view life. This we called our Life Focus.

If you want more information about our one life philosophy go to our mission statement and read through what is available from there and/or read some of the other tools in the archives section above.

Top 10 Characteristics Of Life Focus Professionals

1. Life Focus Professionals Do Well By Doing What's Best.
Professionals who put the client's welfare, health, success and growth before their own, will prosper. As today the future of business means providing the best and making a profit will go hand in hand.

2. Life Focus Professionals Realize It Is Not Necessary To Choose Between Science And The Rest Of Life.
Why play with half a deck? Or limit your own or your clients' sources of power? Quantum physics shows that science and the energy of life are different forms of the same energy. Encourage people to think in terms of being a unique part of the one universal life rather than a separate life within a sea of other separate lives.

3. Life Focus Professionals Use Both/And Thinking Because It's More Powerful Than Either/Or Thinking.
Life Focus professionals use both science and energy, instead of either science or energy. They do what's best for the present and do what's best for the future instead of only doing good for the present. Both/and thinking is inclusive of the sustainability and longevity of the unit of life, which is incredibly empowering. Both/and thinking can be used more than it is. Either/or thinking is over used. It has a very limited place. Shift to both/and thinking.

4. Life Focus Professionals Understand That Problems Cannot Be Solved At The Level They Were Created.
Einstein said that. New insights, energy, emotional states, relationships and thinking patterns - insights, energy, and thinking patterns that are new to you - will not only solve the problem, they will move professionalism itself, and society along with it, beyond the symptoms of an entire class of problems. If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got.

5. Life Focus Professionals Recognize That The Pain Pushes Until The Vision Pulls.
Tap into your own and the clients' vision, allow it to pull you both towards it, almost effortlessly. Be cautious though not to simply ride the horse in the direction it's going. Become a visioneer, use your professional expertise to facilitate and clarify a vision that will ensure the sustainability of the unit of life is accommodated. The old pain is too difficult to work with; it's self-defeating anyhow, and will disappear, as the unit of life vision grows more powerful.

6. Life Focus Professionals Share Expertise, Allowing Clients To Choose To Act Upon It.
You are not obligated for the client, but to the client. It is the client's obligation to make use of your expertise. Clients typically withhold or are unaware of information professionals need, and most professionals are not mind readers (though some are). Life Focus professionals enter into a dialogue, a relationship, in which the professional's generic expertise becomes useful to the specific client.

7. Life Focus Professionals Know That Acceptance Is Not Endorsement.
Acceptance is an emotionally neutral response that acknowledges the reality of the situation at hand. Acceptance is not agreement or resignation. These are judgments. Quite the contrary, acceptance reserves judgment, sees the situation as merely a condition, and from a calm, centered place, enables the professional and client to make the best use of the power in their relationship to decide how and when to proceed.

8. Life Focus Professionals Are Comfortable With Uncertainty.
Contemporary western civilization has become quite frightened of risk. We shun uncertainty and frequently consult professionals to resolve it. But consider this: if an outcome is uncertain, don't you have a 50-50 chance, given the either/or thinking of the old professionalism, for it to be for you or against you? Saying it differently, an uncertain outcome means you have an even chance to win. Though most dictionaries and language tools have more connotations for uncertainty, such as, skeptical, mistrustful and doubtful, they also have a few connotations, such as fortuitous, serendipitous and undiscovered, that suggest uncertainty might be an opportunity. If a situation is indistinct, variable and problematical - uncertain - couldn't that be an opportunity for a skilled centered Life Focus professional...?

9. Life Focus Professionals Manage Uncertainty With A Five-Step Pause Model.
Whenever something unexpected occurs, it's natural to pause and reflect on it. If you pause in the midst of what you're doing, and it's recommended you do, by giving that pause some of the rigor of scientific research, you can achieve some of the benefits of scientific knowledge: greater predictability, clarity and consistency.

Step One:
The trigger, the surprise, puzzle, or discrepancy that triggers the pause. View the trigger as value neutral, not as a mistake or failure, but as simply something to be understood.

Step Two:
Direction and benchmark articulation,
given where we're at now, what are the best possible outcomes consistent with our direction? Clarify intentions and benchmarks.

Step Three:
Force field or gap analysis.
Identify the gap between the actual state of affairs and the desired state of affairs. Articulate the forces: thoughts, feelings and behaviors, driving toward the desirable and those restraining progress toward it.

Step Four:
, try something; strengthen or add to the driving forces and/or weaken the restraining forces.

Step Five:
. How much of the desirable future did your actions achieve? It's rare for something to be a total failure. One or two things always work, even in a disaster. Identify them, leave them alone and move on to act again.

10. Life Focus Professionals Act As If.
We operate through interpretations of reality, more often than not these are not reality itself.

We act as if our beliefs and interpretations were reality. When we act as if something is impossible, it is impossible, whether it really is or not. Believing makes it so. Similarly, when we act as if something were real and possible, it becomes possible.

When we give our power to act as if (to create) over to our self-image and habits, they simply re-create themselves and we remain where we are.

Life Focus professionals understand the power of thinking and an appropriate life focus which includes the power of the universe (all of life) and use all of it with their/for clients and themselves.