26 Life Focus Self Evaluation and Help Zones

These zones were developed while we were operating the Life Focus Foundation and Broeckx - Life Focus Facilitators in order to help both ourselves and any clients. In each case when we used them we did so to learn a new perspective or Life Focus.

It is likely that many of these zones will not ring fully true to many people. This is true because of the preference that begins to be formed at or before birth from a combination of influences: like nurturing and culture for example. This preference influences the perspective with which we view overall life or our life focus.

Interestingly though there is little difference from one culture to another on our overall life focus. The global preference from which humans perceive life is this: there are billions of separate/individual lives (all living on Planet Earth) which in turn make up the whole. In other words, our perspective is that individual humans, dogs, spiders, trees, fishes etc. are each an individual life and those in turn make up the whole.

Now for the Life Focus Foundation big statement: We think it is this perspective that creates all of the negativity that humanity exhibits and experiences individually and culturaly! More simply put, it is the perspective with which we look at life that in turn produces the resultant experience.

Bert and Shelly Broeckx are not satisfied with the human experience of war, pollution, violence, hatred, planetary destruction etc. Therefore, a life focus perspective was developed completely different from the norm. You could say it is a perspective that is inspired from the desire for a new preference. That new preference is to be in harmony or synchronized with the bigger or even biggest portion of life possible at any given time.

To realize this new preference of harmony and synchronization it was necessary to develop a new perspective. That perspective we thought should look at life as one. That perspective is that everything is one life, us, the dogs, spiders, trees, fishes etc. and even planet earth and the rest of the universe: one living thing! What then are we and the other parts? Just that, internal, unique, parts of the whole.

As humans we should be selfaware parts that fully realize our total dependence on the whole. Thus producing the recognition that there is nothing more important than the wellbeing and sustainability of the whole. Believe me when I say that this preferred perspective or life focus would produce a much different and more valuable successful experience of life for us; especially if it was the generally preferred perspective of humanity.

Some people cannot visualize this perspective without help and discussion, so don't be surprised if your self talk is very strongly negative toward this concept. Never the less, people balked at the perspective of the planet being a ball and not a pancake too, but I think it's a ball.

Anyway these past few paragraphs have been written simply to introduce these 26 self help zones. One can use these to enhance their "selfaware part of one life" life focus or at least that's what they were developed to assist. If you want more information go to our mission statement and read through what is available from there.

Meanwhile going through the work of self evaluation and creating answers to these questions and statements may help you learn about the unique way in which you have developed dew to your preferences up to this time. If you choose to have a new preference and develop a new perspective of experiencing life from within it you may find some things to incorporate here.

I have placed an emphasis on the selfaware part of one life perspective to help your mind flash to there at appropriate times.

26 Life Focus Self Evaluation And Help Zones
1. Life/Self-awareness Level
Life/self-awareness is your ability to feel, see and understand who you are and where you are coming from in relationship to the big picture of life. For example: what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what your spirit, mind and body is experiencing and tell you about how you are a benefit to the one life whole.

Through life/self-awareness you come to know your uniqueness and understand why things happen the way they do, including your own reactions, and you tend to make better choices that fit well.

Without life/self-awareness, one tends to repeat patterns, ignore intuition and miss out on the rich subtleties that a designed alliance with the one life provides.

2. Depth And Breadth Of Perspective
Perspective is both the angle you see your uniqueness as a part and the one life from, and the height or scope from which you view.

The higher or more distant the view, the wider and clearer the perspective. In other words when you are viewing the universe by looking out and up you see much more of it than you do looking straight down at the ground under your feet. Expanding your unique mental view results in a better designed alliance with the one life.

A narrow perspective results in: A lack of context, single paradigm thinking and self-referencing, minimal understanding, small self-focused (or human/animal) choices and reactions. looking at what's happening of planet Earth I think it is fare to say... Unfortunately within the context of what we are focusing on here this could be considered normal among humanity in general today.

To move beyond the norm a person would increase both the depth and breadth of perspective by asking themselves challenging questions, introducing and investigating paradoxes, distinguishing distinctions and co-creating possibly with the help of a mentor stimulating environments that expand perspective and thinking.

3. Personal Values
Values are personal priorities based on their personal perspective – that which is most important to you, because of what you have learned and understand; your preference.

There are hundreds of personally developed values.

Values are developed via the preferences that begin there influence at birth and thus virtually impossible to change without retraining at the innermost level.

Appropriate one life benefiting values are often hidden by traditions.

Discovering and applying one's appropriate values affords their integration and reduces the one life opposed stress we feel.

When values are synchronized and in harmony with the one lifeperspective, fulfillment and joy occurs.

A one life focus mentor may be of help to discover personal values in harmony and how to orient yourself for a redesigned one life alliance.

4. Inharmonic Personal Values
Inharmonic values cause a person to spend 10-95% of their time/life expensively chasing people, materials, and events (happiness) or being inactive.

Personal problems and delayed development occur when values are treated like options, instead of like obligations.

Values are not personal; they must synchronize and harmonize with the one life. Harmonizing values are satisfying and produce inner peace once they are discovered and acted upon.

There are 100's of values; a designed alliance uses 3 or 4 that appropriately support the largest perspective of one life.

When you synchronize and harmonize values, you utilize time and space to experience the joy unique life offers. (unique life it the experience within one life)

If you have difficulty a mentor may help you identify, synchronize and harmonize your values.

5. Nothing Better To Do
Humans default to teaching the traditional and familiar, even if lame or proven not to work.

If you want to retrain yourself, develop the need and the opportunity for the change; make the need, opportunity, inner peace, freedom, fulfillment and joy compelling.

Changing your environmental/life perspective can quickly give you something worth doing.

One life Focus works because it creates a wide enough perspective and a gap in the old perspective so that the person has the ability and a reason to change. There becomes nothing better to do.

6. Rigid, Self-defining Roles
People are already unique parts of the biggest team imaginable one life But dew to customary preferences many people define there uniqueness by roles. Roles that define and dictate thinking, priorities and behavior, usually at great cost/loss to the persons potential joy.

Roles are traditional or tribal in origin and thus survival-based.

You are more than your experienced roles.

You can become role-free and better fulfill your obligations to one life, there by assisting your family and self.

It helps to identify historically restricting roles, and focus on designing a one life alliance independent from defining roles.

7. Addictions, Compulsions
Addictions and compulsions eliminate or significantly reduce your ability to choose.

Addictions/compulsions actually choose for you.

There are many more addictions than the common ones like alcohol, drugs, sex, and carbohydrates.

Addictions and compulsions do provide welcome numbing and diversion from complexity and stress, but at a high price.

Sometimes people need help from a mentor to see where they are being driven/controlled; a counselor or therapist provides recovery assistance.

8. Emotional Damage And Reaction Triggers
Past events nurture us and at some level leave permanent memories and scars, these dictate future behavior.

Similar people, situations and/or events trigger us emotionally and create reactions.
(In fact this page could be doing that for you)
Reactionary individuals 'close down' or have 'open wounds' as a result of past nurturing and trainings.

Emotional damage is not personal even if it occurred to you. But unrectified emotional damage results in developing a way out of our obligation to synchronize with the one life, and live small.

Terrific unifying opportunities are missed/avoided because of fear of potential pain or failure.

The solution is to heal emotionally and develop a designed alliance with the one life. This will put you in new situations and relationships with others who trigger your new emotions of unity.

9. Tradition And The Status Quo
People do things the 'old way' because they get a sense of identity and inclusion from those who also operate this way; resulting in assured affirmation and stroking.

When an individual moves against tradition, the tribe rallies to convince or exclude them; resulting in a perceived threat.

Rituals and traditions should be only choices, not self-defining requirements; if there is pressure not to improve or change, then it's a requirement.

One should help themselves to develop their own one life based traditions. This helps to replace tradition and the status quo perspective with a what's best for the sustainability of the whole of one life perspective. A perception that promotes empowering uniqueness and personal growth, inner peace and joy.

10. Personality Type
Personality type is genetically wired in and also nurtured in culturally; can be difficult to change.

There are many ways to measure and describe personality types; more are on the way.

Usually, it's best to fully understand and accept your uniqueness and natural tendencies then leverage those to your advantage in designing an alliance vs. trying to fight yourself with will power to make change.

The more you know about how you operate and your thinking cycles, the easier it can be to accept the developed self and others.

A mentor may help you understand and make the most of your unique personality type.

11. Nurturing And Society
Nurturing begins at birth and the first 2 years of infancy dictates much of your unique preference, way of thinking, perceiving and relating.

Time reinforces and nurtures certain allowed tendencies and values of your uniqueness.

Societal expectations and rules become deeply embedded and can take years/decades to release.

Rejecting your upbringing/family usually doesn't release their effects on you; better to accept and constructively integrate all that occurred and then evolve by designing an alliance within the one life.

12. Assumptions And Fundamental Beliefs
Assumptions save us time and filter information, so they come in handy... to a point.

Fundamental beliefs are assumptions we've internalized.

Problems occur when we:
Accept traditional assumptions without thinking them out to their end result.

Hold on tightly to such assumptions; individuals don't evolve.

Continue to base our future on our false/erroneous fundamental beliefs; we don't change or experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. (as a much larger experience as a unique part of the whole one life

During this rapidly deteriorating cycle of separation from life that we are all experiencing, there is a need for appropriate fundamental beliefs.

Note: I am not referring to religious beliefs here. i'm talking about a fundamental change of perspective.

A Mentor may help you reorient around one life supporting values, assumptions and fundamental beliefs.

13. Models And Examples
We tend to do what we do because we've seen other people do it and assume it works/ed for them.

We tend to rely on traditional models and examples to provide a picture to get from A to B during change. This means we really don't get anyplace unique and new.

It may be necessary to locate various thinking models that expand thinking and awareness in a way that promotes our unique way. Thus the choice of direction and the approach to moving in that direction is truly your own unique way of one life harmony and synchronization.

14. Wants And Desires
Wants usually come from known un-met needs or fears.

Desires can be a combination of genetics and nurturing.

To grow, change or evolve, it is better to first come to understand the source and nature of your desires (spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional and/or sexual).

Desire is energy and can be re-channeled to your advantage.

Desire is a wonderful and possibly the most powerful element to act upon human change, not a negative element.

However, if desire are not managed or directed they can become unmanageable; then they have become dangerous compulsions or addictions.

15. Support Structures
The more personal and professional support we have, the more we can achieve with less stress.

In an increasingly chaotic and troubling global culture, structure provides a necessary framework; providing a personal focus of attention and a system to get change moving.

As a unique person becomes more creative and experiments more in new appropriate areas, structured endorsement, encouragement and collaboration provide a baseline of support.

It is necessary to get the proper amount of support and structure during change that empowers vs. restricts or overwhelms.

16. Rewards And Incentives
Humans are easily motivated with the most fitting carrot or stick; if in doubt, ask the person.

Usually your carrot is not my carrot; your stick is not my stick. Never the less we have a common part of one life bond.

The larger a persons perception is of this it provides inspiration and the power of one life usually works better than other incentives.

We are subject to subliminal and primal messages via advertising, all of which reduce our ability to choose freely.

One may need help to clean up their motivators so they are healthful, natural and best for experiencing sustainable life.

17. Life Vision, Possibility
The clearer the one life vision, the more focused a person can be from within their unique part of it.

To have a one life vision, one needs to have a sense of possibility far beyond traditional and reasonable thinking.

A one life vision is the most powerful motivator and evolver.

With focus it is likely you will see your unique one life vision and begin to express its possibilities.

18. Resources, Tools
If people have the necessary time, space, network, style, knowledge, access, technology, money, and/or experience, they can accomplish almost anything.

Without a one life designed alliance no matter what the resource or tool, people repeatedly fail to change into life supporting beings or don't even start.

We all have hidden one life supporting talents and resources we don't know we have; these can be leveraged.

Focus can help you make the most of what resources you have and to develop new ones.

19. Lifestyle
Lifestyle is something that humans are either striving for or are eager to protect.

The process of designing and choosing a lifestyle is a new experience for most people.

Lifestyle has a nurturing effect of its own.

Sometimes, lifestyles limit our growth; sometimes, they accelerate our growth.

The people your lifestyle attracts to you will affect who you are becoming and what you choose.

If you want to change you may find that you need to simplify, customize or expand your lifestyle.

20. Living Environment
Where and how you reside, who you reside with, affect your personal direction, assumptions, expectations, dreams, desires and rate of development. These affect the large picture and the living environment.

Improve or personalize your perception of the living environment and different priorities naturally emerge.

People have far more choice and permission today to reside exactly where and how they wish.

Based on what you want you may find it necessary to craft and build the perfect personally supportive living environment.

21. Work
Where you work, who you work for, the industry in which you work, who you work with, your career/job function, physical work place/office, how much support you receive at work and your compensation/incentive plan greatly affect the quality of your life experience and what becomes most important, both professionally and personally.

Perfect your choice of work; and you evolve professionally, personally and spiritually.

Based on the one life perspective however, you may find need to redesign the perfect work extension for you.

22. Fears
Fear examples:
Fear of not fitting in with life, death, emotional loss, spiritual deprivation, success or physical harm.

Fear of failure is stronger than the fear of success, but they are both valid fears; they lead to taking fewer risks than we can actually afford; humans tend to be afraid of loss.

Fear can be/is a positive emotion, not always a negative emotion. The best choice is to use your fears to advance yourself toward a designed alliance with one life.

Sometimes it can be best to give into fears vs. trying to overcome them.

Fortunately fear is something you can integrate and use to benefit instead of be subject to.

23. Unclear Identity
Symptom: One is overly influenced by external events or influential people, a.k.a. anchoring.

Synonyms: Door-mat, no self-love, chameleon, co-dependent, low self-worth, spineless.

It's not unusual for people to not know who they are, but anyone can be helped to clarify their identity.

A therapist can usually help if the unclear identity has a psychological problem or source.

A mentor can sometimes help, using appropriate one life focus values as a personal foundation program.

24. Unavailable Heuristic Reasoning
Definition: Tendency of people to focus on a single fact, element, or event, rather than the biggest picture.

People do this because the fact, element or event, is seen first and is clearer, more understandable and/or fresher in their mind, thus it attracts even more of their mental focus.

The bigger picture requires contextual thinking, an embracing of uncertainty and additional use of personal random access memory.

A life focus or one life mentor could help a person think “bigger picture.”

25. Ignorance
Definition: State of being uninformed, or appropriately unaware, this can be a result of education as well as none.

We're all ignorant to a degree, especially about designing an alliance within the one life over following tradition.

To keep up with new information, concepts, and strategies, one has to be connected with others who are traveling in the direction they choose.

A strong, diverse network = reduced ignorance.
Ignorance = missed opportunities.

A life focus one life mentor can help to fill in the pockets of ignorance that we all have.

26. Preferences
Preferences begin being formed at birth or even before and from a combination of influences.

Nurturing teaches people to be more willing to trust their preferences even if not logical or benefiting their uniqueness within the one life.

Preference-based choosing is a learned skill set that includes likes, wants, whims, and corresponding intuition and inklings. It even means evaluating those preferences against what is best for a unique part of one life.

A one life focus will help a person become clearer over time on what they most want that supports the
one life. This goes far beyond the traditional teaching of what they should want, could want or used to want.

What Now?

We all know something serious must be done within the human community. We must move in a new direction toward becoming a uniquely conscious part of the whole, of the one life so that we change our approach to what we do. What did you discover/learn about your uniqueness and the potential for growth in this direction?

If you want to communicate your feelings, thoughts, ideas, needs or comments, feel free to contact us.