Five Key Self-image Builders - To Be A Better Unique Part From The One Life Perspective

These keys were developed while we were operating the Life Focus Foundation and Broeckx - Life Focus Facilitators in order to help both ourselves and clients. In each case we used them to learn a new perspective from which to view life. This we called our Life Focus.

If you want more information about our one life philosophy go to our mission statement and read through what is available from there and/or read some of the other tools in the archives section above.

5 Keys To Self-image Building
To Be A Unique Part Of The One Life

1. Build Images Of Possibility In The Mind Through Outcome Orientation And Understanding The Reward.
The more we can develop and focus on the new-self-image of being a joyful unique part of the one life; as if/because we have already achieved it (we were born part of the whole universe), and the more we reward our unique self for focusing on possibilities over limitation, the faster and stronger we will grow.

2. Pump Up Confidence Through Empowerment, Reward, And Building On Success.
Build on each successfully completed or imagined task, gradually increasing the level of challenge as confidence increases. We can reward confident action, regardless of outcome. Above all, we can allow the fact that we are part of one life to empower our unique self by consistently holding an image of what we want to be, not as we currently are.

3. Increase Any Scope For Voluntary Actions On Behalf Of The One Universal Life.
The wise have found that a sense of being joyfully in control is an absolute key to achievement, and longevity. Being synchronized with the biggest picture of life (outside but inclusive of the unique self) that one can imagine is the key to creating an environment where you feel a sense of connection with the rest of life, freedom, joy and empowered control is better realized.

4. Bombard With Positive I Am A Unique Part Of The Unit Of Life Messages.
Unify a child and watch her grow; separate a child and watch her crumble. Unify a teen and watch him shine; separate a teen and watch him close down. Unify an adult and watch them deflect the unity and downgrade their own part and obligation to the whole; push an adult to meet that obligation and watch them defend their victimization and give up.

The reason?
By the time we've reached adulthood, we've been so bombarded by separate life messages that we've built up defense systems. These systems make us immune to the depth of the effect of that self-image and understanding, we can no longer see the benefits of being a unique part of one universal life.

The solution?
Bombard the self with positive I am a unique part of one universal life messages!

5. Systematically Enhance The Self-image And That Of Others Through Reminders, Re-construction, And Above All Positive Role Modeling.

Remember all those things you did that were one life focused the last time things didn't go the way you planned. Remind yourself and other people of what is being done that is one life synchronized; it helps ensure there'll be more of it.

Helping to re-constructing a person's sense of unique identity by shifting their focus from their old separate life self-image to their new I am a unique part of universal life self-image, is also positive. Best of all though, is showing people by example what they may be; it opens eyes, minds, and consciousness.

Each Day's Experiment (approximate time - 10 minutes):
1. Go through each of the five keys listed above and think about ways that you could apply them to increase and sustain your own motivation. Think of ways to unleash your passion, which will empower your unique part of the gigantic whole thinking (you are powered by the universe). Think and travel through your experience in pursuit of your best direction and show it through example.

2. Come up with at least one concrete action in each area that you can take in the next week.