Five Stages Of Human Learning And New Concept Development

These stages are the stages that people normally go through when undertaking the learning of something new. We used them as an information tool while we were operating the Life Focus Foundation and Broeckx - Life Focus Facilitators in order to help both ourselves and clients. In each case when we used them we did so to learn a new perspective or Life Focus.

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5 Stages Of Learning
1. You don't know.
And you don't realize you don't know

2. You don't know
But you think you do know

3. You still don't know
And you realize that you don't know

4. You know
But you don't realize that you know

5. You know
And you know that you know

Note: We do not claim copyright to these 5 stages of learning and do not know where they originated from. If you happen to know please let us know. Thanks. image