About Shelly and Bert Broeckx
Broeckx; pronounced brooks
Updated January 2014

I enjoyed many years working in retail and office environments, enjoying the team work and social aspect. My desire to offer support and get creative with solutions kept my work life interesting and productive. Now I draw on these experiences to make our boating life the best it can be.

My passion is amateur photography and capturing the many and varied experiences we have at our home dock and on the waterways of the British Columbia coast. Sharing the fun and unusual on social media gives me the opportunity to stay connected with family and friends no matter where we are.

I have retired from the work a day world, and it feels like I have lived several different lives; I have been an equipment operator, a farmer and a business man. Through my work experience with project management, equipment operation and my interest in re- purposing old equipment and building supplies, I have knowledge that can be used for our boat projects.

My ability to understand processes and see the scope of a project and create a plan is one of the abilities my family and friends appreciate and can call on when needed. Currently my focus is on maintaining our live-aboard and cruising boat. This gives me the opportunity to keep active and use my abilities to stay on top of all that is required with old boats.

As a partnership
We pull together our skills and interests to create a positive and fulfilling experience on this planet. We would like to see a more cohesive approach to ensuring a healthy planet for your descendants, but as that is not reality as yet, we are doing our best to leave a small footprint and live by our philosophy that life is one unit and we are connected; so our actions have importance.

Thank you for your time and interest.

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