Nothing is impossible; the word itself says I'm possible! Audrey Hepburn

The International Space Station (ISS) orbits our little blue planet. In 2014 the ISS was commanded by Col. Chris Hadfield from Canada. He has been paraphrased as saying that the ISS is orbiting another spaceship, because Earth herself is a spaceship. He has also echoed the concept of the American systems theorist and futurist Buckminster Fuller and Canadian philosopher of communication theory Marshall McLuhan "the Earth is a spaceship and we are not passengers... we are crew."

Radioactive meltdowns, war, pollution, waste, species extinction, human over population, just to name a few abuses, contradict the previous statement ... we are crew. It would be more truthful if written "Earth is a spaceship and humans are abusive passengers that should become synchronized crew".

In this document I have used the "become synchronized crew" concept and worked with "a once and for all fix for human caused problems on spaceship earth" in mind. In the following pages I have outlined with specifics and details just how we as a species could bring such a long-term solution to fruition.

To do this will require every one of us to change our thinking and those that cannot change their mind cannot change anything! Let what you do next judge you!

Forward Note
We can safely conclude that Earth is indeed a spaceship and that she alone supplies our requirements and protects us from the elements of space! It is also easy to conclude that results prove that the majority of humanity is not crew! For the wellbeing of Spaceship Earth then, it is evident that every human should end the abusive passenger ride along and do whatever is required to become a synchronized crew member. The purpose for this alert/manual is twofold - it is a call for all passengers to voluntarily become crew and - to supply all the information required to accomplish a mission focused on creating an optimal long term ship/human future. This is all compiled using the keep it simple stupid (KISS) formula.

To Set the Alert/Manual Tone
In order to set a general tone for this compact document it is important to state several points at the outset.
    One - By intention - all passengers aboard Spaceship Earth are considered one group - all species are passengers (including humans) and are considered equal.
    Two - This document is directed at human passengers that have prior knowledge that our species is causing damage to Spaceship Earth.
    Three - Any human not choosing to make that transformation will simply remain by definition a passenger along with all other non participating species.
    Four - The vision and mission proposed herein is - to bring about an optimally well and sustainable long term future for Spaceship Earth and every species aboard.
    Five - All forms of natural life aboard Spaceship Earth will be honoured and treated with respect during the application of this mission.

To Clarify the word Life
A word other than - life - with less confusing applications and a more fixed meaning would have been used if one could have been found suitable for our purpose. Since that did not seem possible a clarification seemed appropriate - hence this section. If the question - what is the most valued use of the word life to you? - was asked. What would your answer be?

Whether it took some thought or you jumped here immediately, you likely came to the answer that - the most valued use of the word life describes the span of your self-existence - or, if not you, then a loved one - etc.

Unfortunately, the word - life - has been devalued through overuse by describing the duty cycle of - plastic bags - car parts - a television series - and so much more. it can be difficult to place a true value on the word - life. In this document the word - life - is used with reverence and applied with three different meanings.

Life - is used in a context relating to each humans fundamental perception of life. This is a fundamental perception most are quite familiar with - my life. This moves on out from my life - to - your life - the dogs life - and on - and on - out to infinity. This fundamental perception of life - is used with the word - life - connected to individual life - or separate life - or historic life - perception.

The most reverent use of the word - life - relates to the universe that provided a living Spaceship like Earth. Relating this to human passengers in a practical way - the universe through smaller living parts provided everything that makes up you and me in a living form. We designate this more revered meaning of - Life - as universal life.

The last clarification of the word - life - relates to what is primarily, an undeveloped, human fundamental perception. In this document this is referred to as - a new fundamental perception - or - universal fundamental perception.

On Board Spaceship Earth

Passenger Alert and Crew Manual

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Passenger Briefing
Defining Spaceship Earth...
How the Human Species Passenger Fits the Ordered System
Humans the Different Species
The Definition of a Passengers Historical Perception of Life
More Evidence for Questioning the Historical Fundamental Perception of Life
A Fundamental Perception that Will Synchronize Humanity
Become Crew
Crew Mission Explained
Living Spaceship Earth Crew Policy Statements
Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
A New Experience
Organizational Standard Operating Procedure
Why We Need a New Governance Model
What We Need to Accomplish
A Mission Compatible... Policy Governance Model
Will Passengers Accept this Mission and Act In Time?
Organization - Design
Living Spaceship Earth Crew and Policy Governance Mission Statement
What You Can Do
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Passenger Briefing
Human scientists indicate that spaceship Earth has been part of the universe for some 3.5 billion years. Scientists around the globe have published reports informing humanity that some of the passengers, specifically, the human species, have created societies with components that abuse vital life support components of the ship. In some cases in fact, it has been warning signs such as atmospheric climate change (to specify one) from the ship herself that informed science about this life support problem. Shockingly - in 2014 it seems dramatic that it is even possible to state that all passengers (including humanity) are facing a possible life support system failure aboard Spaceship Earth!

To the best of human scientific knowledge, Spaceship Earth has been equipped to potentially operate indefinitely, with a compliment of compatible passengers. Alternately, when passengers become incompatible and abuse natural living ship systems, those vital living components begin to alter. As with other living entities - Spaceship Earth is designed to self protect against excessive abuse through a natural process (immune system) designed to exterminate the abusers. Unfortunately, this process will affect not only the humans that are at fault, but other life forms aboard as well.

Over time concerned passengers have realized human culpability in this regard and have developed various movements and organizations in order to help alter the inevitable outcome. These well-meaning efforts, however, are divisively focused which creates controversy and at best, only slow down the pace of human abuse.

Passenger historical view, tradition and fiscal profit motivation - based on exploitation of ship resources, remain in control of human societies. Maintaining those dominant but destructive drivers has become the standard operating procedure (SOP) of passengers. That SOP promotes doing the same things over and over while expecting different results. As a previous passenger, Albert Einstein said that "is the definition of insanity".

The time has come for humanity to create a new standard operating procedure (SOP). To do so passengers need to distinguish between an incompatible passenger and a compatible passenger or better still, a synchronized crew member. When a clear distinction is made by any human the required change should be put into effect. Further - this makeover must be accomplished by a ship-wide majority of humanity. We are all on the same ship and we all will flourish of parish according to the majority focus and action (SOP).

Members of an Earth orbiting spaceship, like the ISS crew, need to undergo years of rigorous training to learn Standard Operating Procedure. They must understand how their mind and body operates in very specific and self controlled ways. Trainees must learn how to synchronize with the ship and other crew in order that all may survive. The years of training are to fully understand themselves, the ship and the mission.

Regarding Spaceship Earth - passengers undergo no specific training - about the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for themselves or the ship! We are aboard a spaceship - therefore - we should make every effort to become fully trained in the SOP of humans and the ship.

Earth is an ideal ship in that she is highly automated. Her SOP ensures compatible passengers and crew are automatically protected from the harmful environs of space and everything required is supplied. Like all spaceships though - there is a vital need to be very specific in our thoughts and actions - in order to be considered compatible with Earths standard operating procedure.

This manual will help each passenger make this distinction by clearly documenting - the reason for our human incompatibility with spaceship Earth. By learning this information and dealing with this single fundamental issue - each passenger will move from contributing to the insane, incompatible, abusive choices, to making sane, wise, ship synchronized choices - culminating in mission focused action toward guaranteed mission success.

All vital training and mission information is linked with a new policy governance model. This policy governance model is applicable for every level of governance required for ship and crew. It may be difficult to believe that a simple re-focus and mission outline - written on a few pages could fit all passengers and result in the required makeover we all need aboard Spaceship Earth. It is, however, real and when this mission is activated we will begin the creation of a future as close to ideal as possible - for human and ship!

Ideal will be the human species being synchronized with our ship and having repaired the damage we have done to her. Beyond that all crew members everywhere will be free to enjoy Spaceship Earth with a new understanding of cooperation and brotherhood. If we act in time, future passengers and crew will enjoy an equally idyllic, peaceful, and integrated experience of plenty. The alternative - do nothing and accept the ship wide destructive effects of our current abuse paradigm.

Living Spaceship Earth... Crew Manual... Edition 2014

Defining Spaceship Earth
As passengers in training - we need to understand basic things about the ship - in order to understand why we are not synchronized with her reality.

The universe is a naturally ordered system and contains within everything we see as living. In simple terms the universe is made up of energy, space and matter. Some of that matter undergoes processes, (many of which are triggered by electrical energy), that allow said matter to metabolize nutrients, grow, reproduce, respond, and adapt to various other environmental stimuli.

Once again, the universe is a natural, ordered system and contains everything within that each of us considers living! More relevant for humanity may be - Spaceship Earth is part of a living universal ordered system. Ultimately the universe supplies everything according to a natural universal ordered system or law! Presently, humanity is one species among a multitude of other (remaining) species, living aboard spaceship Earth as passengers.

It is vital we understand this one fact - humanity does not own the living spaceship we call Earth. She is in fact - owned by the living universe! At best our capabilities may allow us crew caretaker status with the proper training.

How the Human Species Passenger Fits the Ordered System
It's time to zero in on us - the human species passenger. For the purposes of this manual we will place all humans on an equal foundation as a species, in two ways - One, we are the primary abusing species - and - Two, we all think from the same perspective about life.

This manual will deal with how humanities life perception fits the definition of the universe - given previously - which describes Earth as part of a living universe. What is real? That definition describes one thing - matter is part of the universe and matter naturally does certain things that we consider to be living. Instead of describing our living ship as an individual life - it describes the potential of Earth being part of universal life.

All matter throughout the universe - including that making up Spaceship Earth and everything aboard - is part of one natural ordered system - encapsulating life within. Do we then have a skewed view or perception of what life is? Is the universe one universal life that produces multiple matter and mind experiences within itself? Likely so!

Earth has been responding naturally as part of universal life for billions of years (3,500,000,000), according to our science. That means something like, for every minute of human species existence - universal life as relates to Spaceship Earth has existed for a year. For every human on Spaceship Earth in 2014 - there are lots and lots, maybe 40,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (40 sextillion; 21 zeroes) - non-human living parts of universal life.

For billions of years, living Spaceship Earth has traveled the universe and supported multiple species as passengers and has done so automatically and naturally within the ordered system. Over that very long period of time - there has been no danger to the ship, or its natural environs, or living support system from any of her passengers. It has only been since the late 1800 or early 1900s that one species of passenger has begun to develop in a way that has potential to harm the living ship system. The human species holds that dubious award. We stand out alone as different from other passengers.

Humans the Different Species
Since human passengers alone are abusing a very specific and ordered living system - let's explore that species some more. Most humans know that they alone have the ability to think, to use imagination, to feel emotion, make choices and take action based upon that process and create a result. What many human passengers may not know, is just how that works - or - that there is a law of attraction that applies at the human level.

Universe provides this law of attraction as part of standard operating procedure and it has been in effect since at least the beginning of humanity. The law of attraction works by ensuring that what a human thinks, believes, feels and acts-upon is attracted to them. Putting that in another way - because a human is part of the universe - when one uses the universally provided ability of thinking, imagining, believing and taking action - and we all do - the experience that the universe opens up for them relates directly to the detail and persistence the individual puts into the process.

It is this law of attraction that is the basis for the subject of the book and film "The Secret" and of most self help/success books and the positive thinking concept. For our purpose though, we need to understand one fact - it is the result of this law of attraction in action - that applies directly to our abuse to living Spaceship Earth!

The law of attraction is attracting to humanity the separating, destructive results of our perception of what life is or what part of life we occupy! We are forcing the universal law of attraction to work against ourselves! Once we learn to synchronize our perception with the universal facts of life - the law of attraction will work for us. That will be very good news for the ship and all aboard her! To make this law work for us at the universal life/human life interaction level, there's one specific component of humanity to look at - fundamental perception

But first, what is perception in general? Perception is how you look at a subject - a perspective. A simple perspective example: have you ever been out walking in shadow conditions, or at night, and seen a shape or shadow that caused you to think it was a something you should be afraid or anxious about? At the time of that shadow sighting and that thought, chances are it became your reality and you felt and maybe acted afraid or anxious. Then, when you investigated further, your reality changed to it was just a bush or some other innocent thing - and only after that happened did your fear gradually turn to relief. The point is - your reality became what you thought was real, and you experienced that thought as real - and not what the reality was. The important thing is to understand how perception works and that is - we react outwardly based on what we think and believe on the inside. To explain perception simply - what we think and believe... seems real - even if it isn't!

The trouble for us regarding perception and the universal law of attraction is this - the universe will provide support for our thoughts, beliefs, and actions based upon the perception we hold - whether that perception is real or not! Further, the universal law of attraction will provide support relative to our thoughts, beliefs and actions - whether the result will be good for us or not!

The law of attraction works at every level of the human thought, belief, and action process and - all our thoughts begin from perception. For the purpose of this manual we are dealing specifically with a fundamental perception that the majority of humans believe is real - but is in fact, not! It is this main thinking perception that we have used historically that the law of attraction is using to provide us with the means to become separated, abusive, insane passengers. Specifically, the fundamental perception we all rely on about life!

The Definition of a Passengers Historical Perception of Life
Likely, our fundamental perception of life started at the beginning of human history. One can imagine humans looking around at other animals and seeing them gathering food and otherwise seemingly acting on their own behalf. It is easy to imagine humans at that time simply accepting without further inquiry that acting on their own behalf was how to be.

Humans began thinking from a lone (alone) perspective and acting on it. Because of their ability to think and to use both internal and external language - each human had a need to perceive who they were inside their mind. The culmination of that thinking and acting on behalf of self - became the foundational perception of life that each mind - is an individual life - and - by extension that mind holds self-ownership of that life.

Since that time, the self-ownership perception of life has simply been absorbed, assimilated and used as our foundation for thinking. Humans as a species think and act as if life is an individual's possession today. The law of attraction has provided us with everything we needed to grow that perception and have it become completely imbedded over time. In 2014 being a separate life is an unquestioned certainty in most human minds. In fact, in the modern age we spend a lot of effort to fight for the "right to life" as an individual human and other animals' right. This now outdated perspective is so imbedded that even our dictionaries focus primarily on describing life as a property that belongs to an individual.
  • The period of time when a person is alive
  • The experience of being alive
  • The sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual

  • Yes, for as far back as records can be researched, every human passenger has shared this perception of life. When we slow our mind and look around and see the separating abusive results happening around and within each of us - we can often sense that something about us is not compatible with reality - but we are not quite able to see what that is. We often ask ourselves - who am I - why am I here - how is this all supposed to work - and so on. Intuitively we know - living spaceship Earth is giving us very clear messages about our incompatibility - but we don't know what one little person can do! The one reason for that unknowing is this - we have not linked our erroneous fundamental perception of life and the law of attraction - yet. The perception of what part we play in life has always been a problem for us in that it creates most of our other negative human problems as well; but more to confirm that later.

    Before our species attracted the industrial and atomic age, the fundamental life perspective we chose to use was not as important - because we could not harm the ship. What we either know or can learn to be reality today, however, makes all the difference, for several reasons. The first is - humanity is at least partly to blame for harming the natural ordered system of the ship. Another is - if a passenger does not already know that our individual perception is our individual experienced reality - it can be learned. Further - if a passenger is not aware that our fundamental perception does not have to be real in relation to the living Ship - this also can be learned.

    It is vital that every passenger becomes fully aware what perception does. The first thing perception does is - put a box around thinking. Second - perception limits all thought to within that box. Third - once you no longer question a perception - the law of attraction will help you build on that perception to strengthen it even more.

    It is easy to see then, that having a perception that is hard to question is only good for us if we have it correct. The surer we are about something the more limiting it is and - the harder it is to question. This my fellow passengers is how perception works. Our present life perspective is just a small part of what is real about universal life. We may be completely convinced that this old perception is right in fact probably are - even though this ship's life support system - and - our own intuition is telling us otherwise. It is critical that we find a way to allow ourselves the right to question this issue of our fundamental perception of life - deeply.

    More Evidence of a Questionable Fundamental Perception of Life
    At other times in history - fundamental perception came into question and was bantered about by humanity - regarding the reality of Spaceship Earth. At one time, many people were completely convinced that Earth was flat! Another was what position the Sun held in relation to Earth in the solar system - which was at the center? Then there were the Stars - did they move or were they stationary? Those were all a part of human - real and had to be right- fundamental thinking perceptions. Humans that didn't have the correct perception had to change those perceptions because they were not correct. It is claimed that at the time, many fought those false perceptions of reality violently. How will we react today? Will we realize that because the universal law of attraction is real and in effect - and it reacts to humanity at the fundamental belief level - that we all have a fundamental perception to change - now.

    This vital fundamental perception of life is much more insidious than those old world examples. This one not only directs all our thinking but also - limits what the universe can do through the law of attraction - all the universe can do is proceed with separating us from what is real about itself. While using the separate life or individual life perception - we are not capable of living in harmony with each other - with the greater universe or our spaceships living system.

    It isn't that some passengers in the past haven't realized we are divided and highly separated because a lot of us know that fact instinctively. Unfortunately - we use thought from within that thinking box in an attempt to get out of that box. The historical result is that aboriginal cultures, religions, environmentalism, systems thinking, and others have introduced the idea of wholeness to thinking - with concepts similar to the web or the circle of life or the family of man as part of the family of god etc. But nothing changes.

    All these concepts vary somewhat but are all similar in describing interconnections between individual lives. This happens because the starting point for the thought is from within the mind of a person or people that believe they are an individual life and view all others as individual lives. From that fundamental perspective of life no other outcome is possible. That common perspective reduces life to a small property that each one of the billions of humans (or decillions of living parts) possesses as individuals - and keeps us there.

    The result of humans using an individual life perspective for so long a time has mentally divided life into a vast number of little, little individually owned pieces. With such a vast number of pieces thought to be owned by someone or something else - it becomes impossible for one (alone) mind to put together. Even if thought of as a web or system of so many individual lives - no one mind can keep them together to use as a fundamental thinking perspective. So, even if a real effort is made and some connection is seen - the outcome is that the web is overwhelming and we soon revert back to the default perception of individual life ownership. We soon become the center of thinking alone again - we are at the forefront (self-important) of life as an individual once again.

    The law of attraction naturally follows up by providing ways to develop what we believe is reality and our belief is that individual humans and then humanity - comes first on the priority list. The law of attraction provides that experience in which humans are self-important and self-centered. Therefore - all of our forms of government, business, religion and economic systems follow that model - each being self-important.

    The outcome in general for each passenger is a day-to-day individual experience that is often seemingly stressful, fragmented and even fearful or clouded by impending doom. That is why people often want to get their life together - or want to find themselves - or are attracted to intangible imagined emotional solids - requiring blind faith. Many passengers work hard to do those things - but alas - if they succeed in feeling secure - most don't hold it together for very long without doubts creeping in or actually losing it again.

    The law of attraction is always in effect - it is inevitable - with the fundamental perspective of each being a separate life - to divide into many groups, and generally develop in an un-holistic, unsynchronized manner - with regards to the reality of our living ship. The result therefore is - The natural standard operating procedure of the living ship in action (her immune system) will prevent this one flawed species from gaining access to other parts of the living universe. This should be considered a serious warning and further support the need for humans to change that fundamental perception. A life support shut down will be unfortunate because doing so will cause many other innocent species to be damaged or possibly eliminated along with the unsustainable human component.

    A Fundamental Perception that Will Synchronize Humanity
    It is all about what you ask the law of attraction to attract to you! If, because of our separateness, we haven't given up all hope, we would likely all want to instinctively feel that we are synchronized with the power of the universe. Why? Because that is where feeling real joy comes from! You likely would want to attract pure joy, abundant creativity, unlimited unconditional love, ample food and lodging, the time to play and generally enhance any other positive human creative potential. In fact, we can attract everything required to make a change to all of those requests successfully.

    The law of attraction will work for us when we begin to think, from a fundamental life put together perspective. We will learn to put life together by internalizing this new fact - life is a universal ordered system (a one entity system). We will learn to perceive our self awareness as part of universal life. We will learn to perceive self as a self-aware experience within universal life. We will learn to see that our purpose (and responsibility) is to synchronize our experienced part of life through a holistic life perception. We are a self-aware experience within universal life - which is one. By changing one fundamental perception - we convert the biggest weapon of self-abuse that humanity has ever used (the old life perception) into a universally powered - life synchronized - positive support system with unlimited positive potential (the new life perception). We will then be synchronized and the law of attraction will work for us!

    As a crew member in training we open our part of mind, use imagination, think about and begin to perceive and feel the biggest universal picture of life that we can! This is the process to attract all the power for good that it is possible for the universe to provide you.

    What makes this process so sweet is that the process will always be the same - open your self-aware part or experience within universal mind - use imagination - come up with the vision and use that vision to build on a new more complete and real fundamental life perception. We join and connect directly with the rest of the universe at the fundamental level when we do this - we synchronize with all the power of universal life. Much bigger than our ownership of a tiny, scared, lonely little life in a separated mind. We accept our part as a self-aware experience within the reality of the all powerful universally ordered system. We gain everything positive we can possibly imagine within the universe! The universal law of attraction guarantees it! You are limited only by failing to use imagination and failing to believe that the reality of life is as immense as the universe!

    This is new - for success keep coming back to the idea until you see it! Life really is one universal ordered system that you are able to experience a self-aware part of. If you have to - remind yourself you are no longer the owner of a little life by yourself - you really are part of something universally grand and complete. Keep putting life together as universal and open up to your new experience. Become inspired by the power and truth of the universe and the law of attraction. The living ship is communicating clearly to us for more synchronized crew and fewer disconnected passengers. If you care deep down inside - pursue this fundamental task with all the positive results you can imagine experiencing - and do so on behalf of living Spaceship Earth.

    Become Crew
    Becoming a crew member is not beyond any of us - the difficulty will be getting a majority crew in time - to represent the total ship. IF the majority of humanity acts now - then we at least may have a chance to make corrections in time. Not a small mission! Therefore - promoting and sharing this crew manual becomes vital as an active crew member.

    This manual contains a relatively small amount of information and all components are vitally important. Previously we focused on the fundamental perception change to make to synchronize with the reality of our living ship. The next steps are to understand what is required to restore our living ship and all other passengers and crew to an optimal state of wellness.

    The crew of Spaceship Earth will begin to think and act appropriate to the mission with the foundational perception makeover. To become fully qualified as crew there will be additional things to learn. Qualified crew will learn to self-govern using policy. This policy is very specific and ensures mission success. A qualified crew member will be voluntarily and fully committed to acting on behalf of said policy and principles that synchronize with the reality of Spaceship Earth's owner as previously stated. This mission can be categorized as the ultimate mission - therefore the crew rewards will be optimal. Becoming a Spaceship Earth crew member now is the very best gift any passenger can give themselves and all of their potential descendants!

    Crew Mission Explained
    The human species is the dominant thinking species on board living Spaceship Earth to which the law of attraction applies. We - therefore - are the catalyst for change - and as a crew member - we want that change to be focused, optimal and ship synchronized.

    We understand that like us, this living ship is part of the living universe. Our mission obligates us as crew to put life together universally as our perspective of thinking about life. This mission further obligates crew to focus on supporting policy directive. If we do, Earth (through the universal law of attraction) will provide for everyone aboard at an optimal wellness level for all imaginable future. A policy mission statement has been developed in order to unify and focus crew thought and action. This same mission statement is the objective policy directing the operation of ship-wide organization and governance. Keeping with the KISS formula - our mission statement follows.

    Living Spaceship Earth Crew Mission Statement
    We strive to promote holistic optimal wellness by putting life together, on inter-environmental, inter-personal and personal levels, to develop a new experience in the present, and the future.

    Like the new foundational perception of universal life explained previously, this may be new to you. Open your part of mind to universal mind once again and invest as much time as required to become familiar with this mission statement. Next we expand on statement words, phrases, and application.

    Living Spaceship Earth Crew Policy Statements
    We: are the voluntary crew focused on ship repair, maintenance and the enforcement of the principal and policy as stated in our mission using the governance model in this manual. We means united and together.

    Strive: We - each member of the crew - make great efforts to achieve and obtain our mission success. We also strive to share and promote this mission.

    Promote: We - the crew - further the progress of, support, and actively encourage and apply every part of our mission.

    Holistic Optimal Wellness is a tool/phrase designed to accomplish two things - One - we use this in combination with our new universal perception of life - as the how to specify and attract exactly what we want to experience Two - to establish - understand - and apply as the policy of our mission.

    Following is a expanded view of each phrase word.

    Holistic: Understanding that the parts of a system are intimately and co-dependently interconnected and can only be explained by reference as part of the whole. A holistic approach is concerned with the complete system rather than with individual parts whether matter or self-aware experience. For our purposes - living universe - living ship - living crew - all other species perceived as one system - one universal life (as explained previously). Crew will learn to intimately understand this holistic perception that clarifies the reality of life. Doing so will focus each crew member on the true owner of the ship - universe. We will perform every duty at this level to synchronize our self-aware experience with the natural ordered universe.

    Holistic - functions at several levels:

  • Each crew member experience can only be understood in reference to their whole. Each self-aware experience appears unique because of the unique ability of thought and action during the whole of their genetic and historical makeup of social and self-training. Through the understanding and growth of our new crew member perception and policy all of their experience will clarify for crew members over time. To relate to this as a passenger - it is this historical input about self that attracts overwhelming divisive input, leaving us feeling stressed, fragmented, and possibly afraid.

  • Each human crew member can only be understood in reference to the whole human species. We can appear unique in many ways - yet be very similar fundamentally - this is because of how everyone else has learned to perceive, think and act. It is this factor at the fundamental perception level that makes us over into synchronized crew working together. Historically it has been this factor that has had us all in the same unsynchronized passenger thinking box that we refer to in this manual.

  • Humanity can only be understood in reference to the whole of spaceship Earth and living universe. Mission perception and focused policy will harmonize and synchronize crew self-awareness and thought at this level. Many of us, even as passengers have some instinctive understanding that we are not synchronized within living universe. We have instinctive thoughts that tell us we shouldn't pollute or use fossil fuel or go to war or create genetically modified food or not use atomic fuel. From the passenger perception we simply don't know what we can do about these thoughts that will be meaningful or have long lasting effects. If this is a factor for you, it may indicate that becoming crew will work better for you than remaining a passenger.

  • A spaceship Earth crew member's ultimate take away on Holistic is - everything we as crew think and/or end up doing - relates to the whole universe. If what crew think and do is holistically self-synchronized with the living universe - the universe will relate directly to us - using the law of attraction over time - through our living ship - to produce harmony and synchronization. If what we think and do is as a passenger and is separating and self-destructive - the universe will relate directly to us - using the law of attraction over time - through our living ship - and become destructive to us by providing everything required to produce that result.
    In short - We are part of universe and both affect and are affected by the whole

    Optimal: the best, most positive, most desirable. As crew members on Spaceship Earth our mission is to make things as good as they can possibly be - and willingly apply all of our resources to do so.

    Wellness: the state of good health - especially as an actively sought and promoted mission objective and policy. This is what we focus on promoting aboard living Spaceship Earth - initially focusing on her life support system. When this is accomplished all aboard will experience wellness in kind.

    Holistic Optimal Wellness: put together as a phrase and applied as a way (the HOW) of thinking about and being crew members. Later in this manual we will tie Holistic Optimal Wellness (HOW) to the governance model and expand on the practical use of HOW. Be confident that the application of HOW will result in the best possible state of governance and good health for the whole living system.

    Putting Life Together: Is a useful tool/reminder phrase as well. This is what we are continuously doing in mind to influence the law of attraction to work in a positive way for us. We change our fundamental perspective to put life together universally and thereby synchronize our thinking with the reality of the living ordered system. Applying the information in this manual will put together what has been taken apart into many little, little pieces and the result will be experienced in opposite ways. For example - We will feel wholeness and confidence in place of separateness and fear.

    As a crew member we imagine life is a universal single entity - we - put life together. We learn to see our part of universal life as - a self-aware experience. We see our experience as a privilege and are responsible for synchronizing with the bigger, holistic part of life. This in no way limits our creativity, ability to love, feel, play or any other positive potential for any human. In fact, when we do this successfully, we will know it internally because all life will come together in mind and be much more clearly understood. Over time we will lose our negative ways because we will instinctively focus on the positive. By changing that one fundamental perception of life we convert the biggest weapon of abuse humanity has ever created (separating perception) into a universally powered - reality of life synchronized - positive support system. We ask the law of attraction to attract the power of the universe to act through our experience.

    As a crew member in training we open to mind - imagine, think about and hone - the biggest universal picture of life that we can - and use the vision we develop as our life perspective. This is new keep coming back to the idea that life is one universal ordered system of which you are part. Remind yourself you are no longer the owner of a little life alone by yourself. You are responsible for your self-aware experience as part of the living universe - mission promised success will come - as you keep putting life together as one this way.

    Communicate with other crew members in training and/or revisit this manual. Think of the everyday experience possibilities as a crew member thinking and acting out a self-ware experience as part of universal life. Use the mission statement and other tools that are focused on putting life together as a thinking perception in the best way possible - to achieve holistic optimal wellness. Feel secure in the knowledge that reaching such a state of being is the best experience possible - both in the present and the future.

    Ultimately our new perspective becomes a completed concept of life put together. We focus on that perception from a Holistic Optimal Wellness (HOW) objective. We do this according to the priorities in the next segment of the manual. Our mission objective is to continuously use our crew life thinking perspective to improve our synchronization with our ship as we move through our experience. Ultimately - we promote the development of a default method through which all humanity - for all time - experiences holistic optimal wellness through synchronization with the living universe. This new experience will be the ultimate accomplishment for humanity. Promotion of this mission is vital - because for ship-wide success we must reach a majority of passengers!

    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    Practicing Holistic Optimal Wellness
    When passengers make Holistic Optimal Wellness the objective and accomplish Putting Life Together as a thinking perspective - we become crew members aboard living spaceship Earth. Our priority is to experience a self-directed path of assistance on behalf of the living universe - the ship owner.

    The appropriate method to apply ourselves is done on three levels - in a specific order of application. Those three levels come next in our mission statement.
      1. Inter-environmental
      2. Inter-personal
      3. Internal

    HOW policy directs a crew member's priority to look at and evaluate the impact human actions have on our living spaceship. Our priority then moves inward and considers the impact at two other levels. Instead of continuing to use our old self-important value to decide what is best for Spaceship Earth - we consider what is best for the living ship first. Our value is based on the mission objectives and the HOW policy. The internal result is automatic - Crew synchronized social and personal choices and actions compatible with the living nature of universe.

    Practically - Inter-environmental is the Spaceship Earth living-system and our first level of priority. Directing and prioritizing our actions toward achieving HOW policy will ensure synchronization with all the rest of our living Ship and universal life. Through this focus - the law of attraction - humanities link to the living universal - makes it possible for all crew and passenger experience to be physically sustained. Therefore Inter-environmental must be the mission priority. The damaged state of Spaceship Earth makes ours an eleventh hour mission - if we still have enough time - by setting this priority the ecosystem of the Ship will be repaired, strengthened and sustained.

    Practically - Interpersonal becomes a second level priority. This is the dealing with other human passengers and crew level. This level means directing our policy based actions toward achieving HOW in communications and interaction. Policy will focus us on communication and interaction with others primarily relating to the implementation of first level priorities. We will be working to share mission objectives and to both listen to others and share HOW policy focused insights.

    There will undoubtedly be an unavoidable initial upheaval - the fabric of our social relationships will need to be made-over. There is a need for relationships to become unified - repaired - strengthened and ultimately become compatible around this mission policy. The resultant social wellness of all Ship-wide crew communities will bring to fruition peaceful and long-lasting relationships that transcend race - custom - ethnicity - historical belief - uninformed opinion.

    Practically - Internal is the self-aware experience level. By accepting this path - and directing our imagination through to action process - toward achieving first level HOW - will focus us on compatible self-awareness and harmonious internal thought and action. It is an accepted fact that the experience of harmony with our total physical and social environment leads to joy. Joy is a feeling of spiritual wellness. Joy is realized through a known experience of being connected through HOW to the whole universal ordered system. Therefore - spiritual wellness that becomes historically stored within our self-aware memory - manifests as positive richness and a sense of being complete - day-to-day. A new experience that begins in the present and grows in the future!

    A New Experience
    The next portion of the mission statement is the realized objective - To develop a new experience in the present and the future. It is the experience that happens as we accomplish the preceding portions of the mission. The new experience we as crew will develop is the confidence of connection with the reality of life - which is felt as joy that will be ongoing. Clearly - all crew members must consider this is a successful mission. Mission policy and objective supplies us with the opportunity to realize - harmony, confidence and joy.

    Becoming a crew member aboard Spaceship Earth - putting life together perspective - HOW policy and objective - we strengthen our wellness in every way into a new experience - and joy is the profit. The best volunteer mission ever! Who would have thought? This mission is wide open and everyone is in line to volunteer! Becoming a crew member is the key that opens the door to this new experience which starts in the present and grows on into the future.

    Organizational Standard Operating Procedure
    Spaceship Earth Governance
    A New Way to Govern Ourselves
    Spaceship Earth is a living ship and like all passengers and crew part of the living ordered universe. The natural ship life-support warning system is functioning. Humanity must take this warning seriously and make drastic changes now or our ship may shut down life-support. This has prompted this publication alerting passengers. Included as well is enough information and guidance to become crew and carry out a mission to accomplish the drastic changes that are required - as required. To complete the mission objective the development of a ship-wide compatible volunteer crew will be established. For this manual to be complete it is of vital importance to provide a compatible organization and governance model through which this mission can be launched and operated in the future.

    It is conceivable that passengers who respond to this alert will begin immediately to imagine the makeover of their fundamental thinking perspective. Continuing the process of using the new focused policy and objective of Holistic Optimal Wellness will alter their way of being aware of their experience. By necessity this improvement will lead to a need for making improvements within the various communities in which crew reside.

    In fact - every community will have been designed using the outdated model and many aspects will no longer be compatible with mission policy. Therefore - wherever the community is established onboard ship - and whatever its size or type - a new form of compatible organization and governance will need to be implemented.

    Why We Need a New Governance Model
    Existing models of hierarchical or fiscal/political human-focused government cannot be used to implement mission policy we have outlined. The reason that these models cannot be utilized is quite simple - they all place either one or more passengers (or if used for our purpose crew members) in charge. Further - they are focused on humanity as the priority - and governmental choices and decisions can be simply purchased. In many cases decisions are also susceptible to dictatorship, ethnicity, and religion, inadequate training, greed, opinion, and belief and so forth. That is primarily what we have now - if those models worked - would we be in the situation we are in? We need to makeover our government in order to accomplish our policy based mission.

    What Crew Need to Accomplish
    It is vital that we move away from fiscal based decisions and hierarchy authority structure - this will not bring about the change required. Everything humanity presently believes and thinks about life must be brought into question. Therefore - written policy and specified compatible objectives must be what all crew member and government decisions are based upon.

    This makeover will require humanity to make drastic - radical and far-reaching changes. Without doubt the required changes will initially produce some hard times for everyone aboard to work through - all struggles should be as equal as possible. Therefore - Any planned mission to accomplish our objective must be based on policy and principles that are simple - effective - unambiguous - benevolent - altruistic - and far-reaching. We know that our mission will require several steps to be taken - many of which need to be taken simultaneously.

    Following are several steps listed as examples of what will arise during the implementation and transformation process. It is assumed that once a governance body is established other steps will be tabled. This list is in no particular order or priority.

  • Launch and establish a global movement to develop a majority crew to carry out the mission of promoting holistic optimal wellness by putting life together.
  • Encourage all of humanity to adopt this policy based - spaceship focused - mission and work voluntarily toward a successful outcome.
  • Establish a compatible ship-wide organization and form of governance through which crew can carry out the policy mission of promoting holistic optimal wellness and putting life together on all levels in the present and the future.
  • Initially redirect all means available - fiscal - political - scientific - technological - religious - ethnical and whatever can be seen to be a resource - toward mission success.
  • Search Spaceship Earth for all mission compatible designs, products, technology, specialized crew members or any other established asset that can be utilized over the long-term and build around those.
  • Restructure and deploy all present military, police, security and others forces ship-wide to assist with mission objectives.
  • Restructure all existing governments around this mission and new policy governance paradigm.
  • Develop wide spread volunteerism and promote as social reward - holistic optimal wellness and a long term sustainable future.
  • Develop mission compatible and sustainable resource control and distribution methods - products - production methods - farming - essential goods distribution systems - services sectors - education facilities - methods for crew to fully enjoy Spaceship Earth - specific follow-up for specialized crew training requests - and whatever else may be required for a successful mission.
  • Develop and promote non-monetary motivations for human required day-to-day crew activity.
  • Phase out all fiscal for-profit based entities and fiscal profit incentives for humanity.
  • Plan the end of all products that are obviously or potentially abusive to living ship systems.
  • Reroute or control all human activity that conflicts with the mission policy of holistic optimal wellness.
  • Develop and launch innovative methods to carry out a massive effort to repair and reverse historical damage aboard ship.
  • Limit future population growth.
  • Accept and make changes we haven't likely imagined yet in order to meet this challenge.

  • As indicated above crew members will accept a mission with a huge undertaking and objective. The alterations required will be drastic in the beginning - and that may be putting it mildly. To accomplish this mission a model of governance exists that will be compatible. This one model will fulfill requirements at all the levels of governance. We list the following levels as example - ship-wide governance - continental/country governance - local geographical governance - city and village governance - and personal governance.

    A Mission Compatible… Policy Governance Model
    Spaceship Earth is clearly warning us that we must change how we do things and that especially applies to fiscal/hierarchy governance models. Our mission is to intelligently synchronize with the natural ordered model of Spaceship Earth through naturally ordered policy. The policy governance model is compatible to base our ship-wide and other governance on. The policy, principles and concepts paradigm which the policy governance model promotes fits our needs perfectly.

    Our mission, should we choose to accept it, has only policy, principals and concepts to work with. In our application - policy governance operates with crew members that act in the capacity of servant leaders. Crew servant leaders are focused primarily on accomplishing what is best for the ship as part of the living universal ordered system - the actual owner of the ship. Our mission objective is to develop a future that is holistic and optimally well on board spaceship Earth. Our new governance focus - is away from humanity - and onto policy that benefits the total ship and all aboard. This is the truly significant difference between hierarchy and policy governance models.

    Another mission requirement is an organization designed to operate within - in order to meet mission required activities. We need a new foundation to build our new experience on.

    Organization - Design
    A foundation for governance based on policy is step one of governance. We still need to tie our policy based crew-mission together with an organization. To remind us during the initial stages and for all time of the makeover that is/was required - we can build an organization name based on the changes we make. One - the outdated fundamental (foundational) life perception can represent the first and last words of a new name - Life Foundation. The other main components of our mission are a focus on three things - Holistic Optimal Wellness - Putting Life Together - and the future. To make it complete we add one more word to this name - Focus - we can choose - Life Focus Foundation.

    If we chose the name Life Focus Foundation - it would become the global name representing the mission organization. Once accepted we will utilize the Life Focus Foundation for operations head quarters and regional application of all communication and governance onboard ship. Life Focus Foundation would be an organization based on the policy governance model. Life Focus Foundation would operate with a volunteer crew member board of servant leader directors. The mandate of the Life Focus Foundation would be to develop and administer programs designed specifically to bring our policy based mission objective to fruition.

    A successful mission will require designing an organization that can move forward in the best way possible on the largest scale possible. In order to accomplish our mission the Life Focus Foundation will operate on behalf of spaceship earth in order to synchronize with her natural living systems. Life Focus Foundation will consider the - universal ordered system of life - the owner of the ship. The Mission statement as written herein will be the policy directing operation of governance. Promoting universal ship-wide Holistic Optimal Wellness is an honorable perspective to establish our organizations policy governance model on. It is honorable because it encapsulates everything that the living universe has put aboard ship and directs for the care of everything aboard.

    Changing our various ship-wide societies over to this type of system could be considered a truly idyllic democracy for mankind. Every human begins on an equal footing with the same foundational life focus (old life perception) to change. Further - every human accepting this makeover to crew member supporting this policy based mission is voting for the same very specific policy. Beyond these facts - this type of universal policy approach should be acceptable to all of humanity no matter what their motivation to conform to present beliefs. Every human has an equal opportunity to vote and to be part of the crew at whatever their capacity. When everyone is equal - is that a true democracy or idyllic democracy - or does it even matter?

    Within the organization all crew are volunteers to participate according to their own ability with one mandate - carry out a successful mission as policy directs. Policy directs crew to focus on Putting Life Together and promote Holistic Optimal Wellness on three levels. The first and primary level is the living components aboard Spaceship Earth. All programs - directories - decrees and other decisions must meet primary level policy.

    Will Passengers Accept this Mission and Act In Time?
    This alert/manual relates directly to our human/living spaceship relationship. It has brought into focus a perspective of life that fits onboard reality. This life focus puts all of humanity in the same position - change one perception about how we fit and transition from abusive passenger to sustainable crew. This mission puts our species on an equal footing ship-wide. Included is a compatible simple - unambiguous - benevolent - altruistic - mission statement and directive policy. The mission statement applies to both the mission and the governance model. Everything we require to get started and carry out this mission is here - including a name - Life Focus Foundation.

    All is designed to create for every living part of life aboard Spaceship Earth a long-term sustainable future experience. A full life experience filled with Holistic Optimal Wellness. This is HOW!

    Present conditions aboard suggest that the eleventh hour is here and we are still fighting amongst ourselves and creating more of a problem while we stagnate and take no meaningful action. Round and round the same wheel hoping for different results - that is insanity by definition!

    Spaceship crew governing with the mission objective of serving all life provides a perspective completely different from anything being offered today. The proposed mission is focused and simple with long reaching positive potential. It is vital that we let go of honoring the past and begin honoring the future that can be. Focused, decisive action is called for to put the law of attraction to work for all aboard Ship. This crew manual outlines what those choices are and the call to action is very clear and speaks equally to every human passenger on the most basic level. The knowledge is here - it can no longer be said that we don't know HOW! Therefore - if no action is taken it will be because the human species in general lacks the will to change.

    To stand a chance of repairing our fragmented experience and abused ship - a perspective that puts life together will need to become the dominant paradigm. It is clear - that what we are attracting via the law of attraction through our historical paradigm - is to produce a widening gap away from universal life. There is not much positive joy on our lonely - greedy - self-serving side of that gap. We arrogantly continue to harm this free ship and all aboard. In the end - we are each putting ourselves in critical danger by not acting. Act Now!

    Living Spaceship Earth Crew and Policy Governance Mission Statement

    We strive to promote holistic optimal wellness by putting life together, on inter-environmental, inter-personal, and personal levels, to develop a new experience in the present and the future.
    What You Can Do
    With a majority accepting this mission our actions will synchronize humanity with the rest of the ordered living universe. But it is up to you to strive to become a committed crew member and promote this mission towards Holistic Optimal Wellness by Putting Life Together on all levels. You begin in your part of imagination to produce a new focus and a new experience and repetition of imagination and action toward that experience will do the rest. The universally powered law of attraction guarantees success! Can you fail? Only if you do not open up and imagine what's possible and fail to take action!

    No one else can stop you from moving in this new direction. You can voluntarily be willing to accept becoming a crew member - you can develop a new experience in the present and the future.

    You can promote this mission and its objectives by directing everyone you know to it.

    You can discuss it and help others to understand.

    You can be optimistic - you are becoming a crew member aboard spaceship Earth - that is the most important thing you will ever be invited to experience.

    You can choose to commit all of your available resources and go all out as a crew member - promote and bring to reality the mission policy - objectives and governance model.

    You can share your willingness and your ideas on how you can help

    You can seek more information below to answer any related questions or clarify any part of this manual - free of charge..

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