Our Gallery
From this page you can access all of the albums.

The higher the number the newer the album.

Shelly is the primary contributor of photos in all these albums.

The Albums

Gallery Six
60 photos taken at various times that make up some of Shelly's favorite ones. Camera Shelly. Editing and production by Bert

Gallery Five
42 photos and 4 videos of our 2 weeks at Actaeon Sound 2005/06. Actaeon Sound is located on the mainland coast of BC north west of the Broughton Archipelago or another way to find it is across from Port McNeil on Vancouver Island. Camera by Shelly and Bert. Editing and production by Bert

Gallery Four
121 photos of our cruise and learn sailing adventure. Taken by Shelly and Bert.

Gallery Three
9 photos of flowers and such. Taken by Shelly.

Gallery Two
9 photos of spiders and webs. Taken by Shelly.

Gallery One
81 photos of our walks on the beach. Taken by Shelly.