Global Mission Statement... Governance Model

Published January 2014. Traducción al español hecha por un voluntario de Argentina aquí

Based on the Carver Policy Governance Model
The Carver Policy Governance Model reflects a paradigm of principles and concepts to govern by. Policy governance is quite different than what has been historically used and is the current form all around us today. What has been and is used is a paradigm of structure governance. The structure is that of hierarchy governance... owner... boss... most votes... most money... biggest gun... etc. We understood immediately that structure governance cannot work successfully to achieve what we are going for in the mission statement that started all this. So, what will work?

The policy, principles and concepts paradigm which the Carver Policy Governance model promotes fits perfectly. In our mission should we choose to accept it we have only got principals and concepts to work with. This type of governance means that directors act in the capacity of servant leaders. These leaders are focused on accomplishing what is best for the owner/s. That's not a lot different than any other form of governance. Owners of an organization can vary, for example: shareholders, the public, the organizations members, or another ownership equivalent. This too is the same as other forms of governance. But our difference came about when the Life Focus Foundation (an organization we were deeply involved with) chose to represent from the servant leader board of direction concept, the youth of the future. That focus on the future is where the significant difference enters in. The Life Focus Foundation mandate was to develop programs that would both help in the present and the future.

At the time we were designing an organization to help in the best way possible on the largest scale possible, like we advocate in the global mission statement. After due study and consideration the Life Focus Foundation chose the perspective of "one universal life". It's hard to not highlight the importance of that in the document but it should be explained enough in the global mission statement document. To accomplish its mandate the Life Focus Foundation chose the universal life concept as its owner not the group of registered persons. This seemed to be the most honorable, biggest picture perspective we could find to base the organizations governance model on. To work on behalf of this owner we focused on and promoted the health and longevity of the natural universal forces in action upon planet earth in our programs. Can we apply this idea to our mission? In fact we can because the same perspective has been brought into focus and apples to both the mission and the governance body. A short, focused mission and a governance body that are both based on experiencing a healthy long term future.

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