Our Personal Mission Statement
We strive to promote holistic optimal wellness, by promoting new experiences in the present focused on putting life together, on personal, inter-personal, and inter-environmental levels; to develop a new experience for the future.
We realize our mission statement isn't what many people would choose. Never the less, it must be realized that much time, focus and research went into the development of our mission statement. Relating to our mission statement key phrases we have documented what they mean to us and where they came from below.

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Holistic Optimal Wellness
"Holistic Optimal Wellness is the proactive process of aware self-leadership, focused on making the very best choices that bring about a fully synchronized life experience."

The statement based on the three words Holistic Optimal Wellness was developed by the team of the Life Focus Foundation. It holds within itself a meaning which is better understood by providing a where we were coming from explanation of the words.

The key words chosen for this statement:
Proactive - in favor of participating to cause change
Process - we are in a state of continuous improvement
Aware - we consciously and continuously learn better information in order to apply it and improve
Self-leadership - the ability to lead, in this case the self
Focused - the central point of attention
Best - the most valuable, superior in the end
Choices - we have considered a variety of options and selected those in our best interest
Synchronized - to make occur at the same time and in harmony
Life - all of what we normally call life in its many individual forms and the total universe seen as "one singular life"
Experience - the realization of taking part in the event of that "one singular life"

Putting Life Together
Holistic Optimal Wellness becomes a perspective. From that perspective we see putting life together as happening on three levels:

    1. The overall approach to perspective thinking, relating to how we interact with the big picture of life on an inter-environmental level.
    2. The overall approach to perspective thinking, relating to how we interact with people on an inter-personal level.
    3. The overall approach to perspective thinking, relating to how we interact with the self on a personal level.
We see the task of putting life together (a "one singular life" perspective for thinking) as requiring the following input from humanity:

Personal: Learning aware self-leadership techniques, that when utilized proactively over the long-term, will ensure self-worth, synchronization with others and our local environment; resulting in experiencing day-to-day joy.

Inter-personal: Learning appropriate inter-communication skills that when applied, will ensure peace and longevity in relationships with others of all races and creeds.

Inter-environmental: Learning and then exercising appropriate respectful methods of interaction that will ensure synchronization with the rest of life; culminating in the earth portion of life being sustained.

New Experience
From this perspective life is not something we own. Life is simply something we inherit and are allowed to experience a part of for a short time. Stop fooling yourself we don't get here from any miracle someone simply had sex! The fact they could is because they came through a very small part of life’s birth process the same as us. The bottom line of all this is; we need a new life perspective to develop the optimal experience.

Historical Experience: There are many factors that that have and do make up our human experience. Over generations there has been a focus on the self as life. This is a perspective. That perspective has produced for us selfish, greedy, negative thoughts and actions. These in turn have created a lack of connection to the universe and in many cases helplessness in people. This in turn leads to callous self-destructive behavior. Likewise through extrapolation, dissatisfaction, selfishness and greed have produced its inevitable instability amongst families and nations leading to violence, war and what appears to be environmental damage leading to various weather changes producing disasters.

Questionable Experience: Our air, water and food come from the organic nature (singular life) of the planet earth. As related we are simply a part of that singular life, thus our direct dependence. Let's recap our questionable experience. Historically, and at present, our species has been inter-acting adversely at the organic inter-environmental level. This human interaction caused by human perception is destructive to the planet. Our perception and the actions it produces must be called into question. If this human condition persists as it is, will the global planet earth experience be sustained?

New Experience: We believe our bottom line is; humanity is completely dependent upon planet Earth for our experience now and in the future! To ensure a future, we advocate the use of a co-active, multiple, new experience approach: in the present. These new experiences must each be designed with a "singular life" perspective. Every means of promoting that perspective must be used in order to hold our attention, while simultaneously producing new and focused dialog. The dialog must be focused on learning and developing appropriate methods for pro-action that will put life together and produce holistic optimal wellness when we implement them.

New Future Experience: It is the obligation of all adults on planet earth to put life together and adopt a "singular life" perspective. Then by example assist youth with doing the same, while together building a new future experience. Continuing that process will build the foundation for holistic optimal wellness and in turn this synchronous approach will be passed on to future generations ensuring the holistic nature of Earth is preserved. The result will be a human species appropriately inter-connected on three levels... inter-environmental, inter-personal and personal... producing joy for people and a sustainable new future experience for the small part of life which sustains us that is planet earth.

Governing Policy
When we operated the Life Focus Foundation the Carver Policy Governance model was chosen to build its governing board of directors upon. The Carver Policy Governance model reflects a paradigm of principles and concepts to govern by and not a paradigm of structure.

The paradigm which the Carver Policy Governance model promotes, is that the board of director members are owner representatives acting in the capacity of servant leaders accomplishing what is best for the owner/s. Owners of an organization can vary, for example: shareholders, the public, the organizations members, or another ownership equivalent.

Life Focus Foundation chose the concept of one "singular life" explained above as the owner of the organization. (We, that is to say Bert and Shelly Broeckx, consider this to be a very meaningful perspective for the governance model to base a focus on and that in itself is behind our personal mission statement)

In fact for the purpose of governing, the one life perspective must be used. it can easily be seen that all life forms including humanity rely upon planet Earth and the natural environment to continue our experience. The Focus then is to synchronize, so, if we are to synchronize with the the nature of our planet, changes will need to happen. Therefore, the Life Focus Foundation chose to represent from the servant leader board of direction concept, the youth of the future. To do this we focused on and promoted the longevity of the natural universal forces acting upon planet earth.

Because of the research we have done we conclude that a global movement toward this new and different perspective may be the only chance we have of making meaningful change in our time. It would mean implementing a global governance body focused based on the conceptual perspectives of we promote here. It would mean that nearly everything we believe and think we know will be brought into question. To take the stands and make the changes needed to turn the tide will require drastic, radical and far reaching actions.

  • All interim means... whether financial, political or otherwise from whatever source must be turned toward the best for all life focus.
  • All governments will need to restructure to this new best for all of life paradigm.
  • All people will need to make changes they can't even imagine in order to meet the challenge. This will include but not be limited to things like changing the thinking paradigm, learning to do what is best for all of life, learning to control population growth and much more.
  • All military forces will need to completely change to this focus and thereby, their actions.
  • All for profit based entities and concepts of all kinds will need to be planned and fazed out of existence. The only profit, of everything we do, must be the holistic optimal wellness of big picture "singular life".
  • All actions and all products that we as a species produce that could have a possibly of or actually do cause destruction of the planets eco-system must be bought about through focus and planning to cease and desist ASAP... by force if necessary!
  • If not all then many must know, down deep inside... there is not going to be an easy way.

  • Ahead Of Our Time
    Governing from a servant of life is one perspective is completely different from anything we see being done today. I sometimes wonder if we are ahead of our time because Shelly and I powered out from attempting to sell this perspective. It is something that apparently the human species is not ready for. We may have done it wrong but we exhausted our earnings and life savings over a period of years and received very little interest or support. In the past and I fear it's the same today, its business as usual. We're not some nut cases that don't understand there are a lot of details to workout. But over time we have thought about many of them and although hard changes are called for it's the will we as a species don't have not the ability.

    Who can do this? EVERYONE! It's just a matter of accepting, learning and focus. In our own small way we're promoting it here; what will you do?< br />
    We continue to feel that this type of life is one perspective will need to come to pass as the active thinking paradigm if humanity is to survive as a part of that life. This is based on an understanding of the paradigm we use to think now. If one looks around it can be seen that it is producing a wide gap away from the sustaining force of life. There's not much positive on our greedy, self-reliant narrow side of the gap, what with pollution, war, climate change, endangered species, etc; seems dangerously arrogant.

    There are three simple things to consider:
      1. Every part of life has a built in immune system capable of defending against infection. Our solar system it not different! We bring poison to the planet... the planet will kill us off... protecting the solar system!
      2. Every self help stratagem proclaims focus on what you want to happen! Even driving you look where you want to go not where you don't! If one stops for just a second and looks you can see were going exactly where were looking!
      3. We either change drastically or were gone! In fact, I wonder if it's too late already.

    I know that's a sad note to end on but the situation is calling for drastic measures and that's ours. Thanks for coming and as usual were interested in hearing from you, especially if you want to add to a solution. Just so you know, if you’re simply a nay-sayer or have negative comments you'll be deleted! We're not interested in a bantering war! That's why this is the only page on our site with this content and it's buried some.
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