Fulfillment Inventory: A Self Check List
When we operated Broeckx - Life Focus Facilitators we developed the following Fulfillment Inventory List. We decided to leave it on the website so that you could administer this self test. It will allow you to benefit from our past experience without leaving your chair. The answers will allow you to determine current career satisfaction, motivation for change, and your overall condition. All of these factors contribute to your likelihood of future fulfillment.

The Fulfillment Inventory List is a little quiz, consisting of twenty-two questions that deserve your attention. Check off those statements with which you would like to agree. When you're done, tally up the checks.

If you score fourteen or higher, you're ready for change; go to our links page and you can find help with change if you wish.

I am passionate about the work I do and would like to understand how it will affect the long-term future.
I know what I am passionate about, but am unsure of how to apply it and experience it.
I would like to advance or change directions within my current company.
I am good at my job but am not fulfilled by it.
I would like my work, career, or business to have more meaning and purpose.
I have changed some and am no longer well suited for the type of work I do now.
I am having trouble with some relationships and want to improve them.
I have some things which I see as negative about myself (I may even attempt to hide them from others) but would like to find the support to change them.
I am no longer challenged by what I do and know I am capable of much more.
I feel somewhat helpless, unfulfilled, and not synchronized with life as a whole.
My overall health and wellness is not what I would like it to be, I am concerned and want to make changes.
I would like to do something positive on behalf of future generations but I feel as though I can't make a difference because I am only one person.
I would like to be more spiritually connected and feel fulfilled and experience joy but have been unable to find a way that provides that for me.
I would like to own my own sustainable environmentally sound business some day.
I feel like I work to change, but my life experience doesn't improve.
I have been thinking about making changes for a long time but don't know what I want to do or how to get started.
I have some ideas of things I would like to do but they don't seem practical.
If I had better direction, I would change.
If I could get past my fears, I would love to make changes.
I would like to have a better balance between work and all the other areas of my life experience.
I am just starting to explore change and want an advocate.
I am actively searching for a new job, career or business.
Small Sail From Broeckx Life Focus Facilitator Logo The Fulfillment Inventory List is complete, tally up the checks.

If you scored fourteen or higher, you could be ready for change. You could start looking on our links page.