Global Mission Statement... Authors' Note

Published January 2014. Traducción al español hecha por un voluntario de Argentina aquí

Personal Mission Statement or Global Mission Statement
When we started with the compilation of the material found here it was to produce a personal mission statement. We attempted to implement the idea in various ways but over time we came to understand that we could not achieve our mission without the rest of humanity. At that time we put the material on the back burner so to speak. The idea never left our minds for very long without popping up. We kept searching and watching for some global movement that we thought would help us realize our missions' goal. That was several years ago and we haven't found a way yet. Therefore, we have chosen to edit and publish the material we put together here, in hopes that others will see it's relevance in today's world.

We realized from the beginning that to develop a meaningful personal mission statement we would have to dig deep inside ourselves, into our essence as humans. By stripping away our training and getting to what we considered the core of the human species, we discovered we were looking in the wrong direction. We realized it wasn't us or humanity that was important but what was beyond us. By looking in the other direction, out through the planet into the universe, we discovered something much more interesting and far reaching to understand. Once we stripped away everything we could to find the core, our findings turned out to be quite meaningful in our opinion. So, we then set out to write our mission statement based on what we as humans should focus our thoughts and actions on in order to fit into the universal structure over the long term. A mission statement by default is developed of key phrases packed with meaning in every word. The basic criteria we used to produce that personal mission statement lead to the words and phrases elaborated on in the global mission statement.

Writing a mission statement is one thing but the next step is to experience it, if possible. To experience the ideals or deeper meaning of a mission statement requires that that specific direction be followed, in a specific way, voluntarily. Assuming that would require change we recognized that we like most people, get in the way of our own change. We have a way of restricting change even if we know with-out any doubt changing would improve everything about us. Knowing this, we wanted to find a different method by which to self-govern that would tend to move us away from our auto pilot change restrictor. Ultimately we wanted to change the focus of was to what could be as designated in our personal mission statement. Therefore, we set out to find a governing method based on policy that provided the best chance of getting our entrenched human nature, our auto pilot, to step aside. If we could do that the outcome would be for us to more easily travel in the new more positive direction that potentially lay before us. The governing method that we located and chose for that purpose is outlined in context in the global mission statement document as well.

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